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Trill With The Spill

Preschool Learning Pack

Preschool Learning Pack

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This Preschool Learning Pack contains over 120 literacy and math worksheets for little learners.

It is the perfect resource to use at home or
in preschool to help these little learners develop their
early knowledge of numbers, counting, letter recognition ,
beginning sounds, shapes, colors and so much more

This is a digital product.

The worksheets included are

  • Cute Book Cover
  • About My Name
  • Write your name and color the letters that are in it
  • Tracing Numbers
  • Counting  - Count the circles and match them to the numbers.
  • Count and Match - Count the objects and paste the matching numbers.
  • Counting to 10 - Color the circles to match the numbers.
  • Missing Numbers to 5 - Paste the missing numbers to 5.
  • Missing Numbers to 10 - Paste the missing numbers to 10.
  • Subitizing Numbers - Color the squares that match the numbers. AND MUCH MORE.
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